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Sports Podiatry


Complaints affecting Sports Performance

Poor foot function and design will be the cause of:

  • Heel pain or arch pain. This will be painful when first standing after rest or sleep and will worsen with extended periods of activity.
  • Iliotibial Band syndrome. This is a pain in the side of the buttock while standing, walking or lying on your side in bed.
  • Sacroiliac joint pain. This is a pain in the bony ‘dimples’ at belt level, about 5 cm on either side of the spine. It is made worse by prolonged standing.
  • Pain in the bones of the ball of foot.
  • Shin splints. This is pain up the shin bone that is precipitated by activity.
  • Long term troubles with in-grown toenails  . . . .


Every sport needs a unique ‘Edge’

For example, getting the edge in Cycling is assisted with custom made orthoses to greatly improve comfort and performance on the bike. Correctly made and fitted devices offer a substantial edge over store bought devices. Pre made devices rarely support or hold the foot like precision made. Optimal alignment in cycling shoes allows the foot to transfer greater power to the bike pedal and reduces or prevents foot numbness, sole and joint wear and pain.

No matter what sport – tennis, cricket, running, power walking, ball sports, aerobics  . . .‘off the track’ footcare gives longevity, success  and protection ‘on the track’


Specialized Sporting Services:

  • ‘Gait analysis’ to improve performance
  • Mobilisation: A painless or low pain technique used to loosen restricted joints in knees and feet, often with an immediate response.
  • Deep Tissue Needling Therapy: Acupuncture is used to treat active and latent trigger points in muscles to relieve pain in a variety of foot and leg conditions and is extremely useful in the treatment of heel pain.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This is a form of massage used for needle phobic clients and in conjunction with needling therapy to treat many conditions.
  • Foot and Leg Complaints: Treatment of “pigeon toe”, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, growing pains, shin splints.
  • Referral to other allied health professionals is a part of our service when beneficial to your overall plan.
  • Advice on supportive shoewear at every level of sport and especially when performance is valued.
  • The right shoes for each sport will support and maximize foot agility. This is critical for elite athletes.



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