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What do podiatrists do? Podiatrists are the primary health care professionals for disorders of the feet – and for problems that feet may cause elsewhere in the body. For example, poor foot posture can cause pain in the shins, kneecaps, lateral buttock/hip, lower back, middle back, shoulder blades and the foot itself. At MyFamilyPodiatrist we will listen to you, determine the nature of your problem, then design the remedy and maintenance program to suit your needs Depending on the nature of your problem any of the following solutions may apply:  a once only visit; a treatment program; a personalised fitting for orthotics or special shoe wear; a specially designed exercise program; liaison with your doctor for specialist referrals or  specialised treatments.

Do I need a referral from my doctor? No. You can make an appointment the same way you do with your GP as podiatrists aren’t classified as “specialists” under the medical referral system.  If you are a DVA client, (which means your health care needs are supported by the Department of Veteran Affairs} you will need to bring your DVA  card for identification,  to be eligible for funded services.

Can my private health fund cover podiatry?  Yes. Private health funds cover podiatry, depending on your level of cover.  Your health fund will tell you about your personal entitlements to podiatry fees. Our HICAPS facility allows our clinic to claim directly from your private health fund at the time of your treatment. All you need to pay is the ‘gap’.

What about Medicare? Medicare, in some cases, pays a portion of your podiatry fees. This is solely your doctor’s decision.   So if you are classified by your doctor as having a chronic medical condition e.g. diabetes and you obtain an Enhanced  Primary Care Plan from the doctor, then Medicare may pay for  5 podiatric visits annually. You need to contact your doctor first,  to make these arrangements and then contact our clinic for your podiatry care program. Our HICAPS facility processes an immediate  Medicare refund.

Do you have wheelchair access? Disabled parking and wheelchair access are available from the rear car park or when parking on the street. We invite you to contact the clinic, so we can personally assist you on your arrival.

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