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Aged Care


At MyFamilyPodiatrist we have developed a regime of critical elements practised in our delivery of services to Residential Aged Care facilities.

  1. Best Practice methods, offering intelligent solutions and high quality of care and support for elder people
  2. Ensuring our aged patients are assisted to retain maximum mobility.
  3. Timely follow-up services and communication with carers and relatives.
  4. Development of trusting, reliable and supportive relationships with elder clients
  5. Offering the full range of podiatric services, including specialised therapies and orthotic shoes
  6. High emphasis in infection prevention and control
  7. Positive commitment to assisting the broad and diverse cross-section of elder people, who are dependent on the services and support of others for their well-being.
  8. Holistic services that ensure clients are referred to other relevant allied health professionals who have procedures that will enhance their quality of life.
  9. Home visits and extra care services for patients who have been diagnosed by our podiatrist as qualifying for this service.
  10. Procedures for ensuring the health and welfare of our professionals in their visits to Aged Care Facilities
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