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What podiatrists do. . .

Podiatrists are health care professionals that treat disorders of the feet and problems feet cause elsewhere in the body.  For example, poor foot posture can cause pain in the shin, kneecap, lateral buttock/hip, lower back, middle back, shoulder blades and the foot itself.Most muscle, joint or ligament pain in the feet is treatable. Often problems are triggered by poor foot mechanics that is, the way bones, joints and soft tissue, interact and move. Most can be completely solved. Even incurable conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, can be relieved if the foot is made to work more efficiently.

. . .  And the outcomes

  •  Pain free
  •  Better posture
  •  More active life style
  •  Improved health and wellbeing
  •  A happier disposition

Services . . .

We provide services for those covered by:

  • Veteran Affairs {DVA}
  • Work Cover
  • Private Health Insurance (HICAPS)
  • Enhanced Primary care (MEDICARE)


Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatry

No matter what sport – tennis, cricket, running, power walking, ball sports, aerobics… ‘off the track’ foot care gives longevity, success  and protection ‘on the track’ read more

Aged Care

Aged Care

At My Family Podiatrist we have developed a regime of critical elements practised in our delivery of services to Residential Aged Care facilities. read more

Childrens Feet

Children’s Feet

Children, like adults can also suffer from heel pain which is also a result of over use. Treatment is easy through inserts and physical therapy. read more


Our Podiatrists do . . .

  •  Routine foot care, corn/callus removal
  •  Fungal nail treatment
  •  Plantar Wart laser treatment
  •  Orthotic therapy
  •  Nail surgery
  •  Heel pain and Forefoot pain
  •  Arthritic Feet

  •  Diabetes foot and wound care
  •  Paediatric and children’s feet disorders
  •  Sports medicine
  •  Foot wear supply,
  •  General musculoskeletal problems
  •  Occupational health and safety
  •  Education and advice

Whether you want relief from pain, treatment for foot conditions or simply feet that feel and look better, all your goals can be achieved through the skills of a trained professional at MYFAMILYPODIATRIST


Treatable Conditions:

  • Nails and Skin Cracked or thickened heels, Corns, callus & pressure areas Infection of the nails or skin
  • Ingrown or infected toenails Deformed or thickened nails Painful areas
  • Foot pain Ball of the foot – metatarsalgia Heel spurs/plantar fasciitis-Arch pain
  • Ankle pain – sprains Numbness and tingling – Neuropathy Morton’s neuroma – electric shock toes Muscle and tendon pain.
  • Calf or Achilles tendon pain Arthritic, joint pain
  • Poor tolerance to standing
  • Higher Pain Shin splints Knee pain, especially at kneecap
  • Hip -Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Lower back – sacroiliac pain Central back pain Pain underneath shoulder blades
  • Headaches and neck pain
  • Diabetes Education Management Assessment Treatment


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